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Dr Johnson's Bluestocking Salon with the Georgian Dining Academy

The Georgian Dining Academy are delighted to offer, in collaboration with Dr Johnson's House, a special event to celebrate the literary legend's friends and acquaintances with a Bluestocking Salon. We will be working our Georgian magic throughout the floors of this historic home to pay homage to Samuel Johnson and his many fascinating friends, including Elizabeth Carter whose tercentenary we'll be celebrating. 
Guests will enjoy an evening of readings of letters, books and poetry, as well as short talks on the leading ladies and gentlemen of the Bluestocking group. We hope as a guest you will participate, and please request our list of characters, whom you may choose to emulate by dress, readings (books, poetry, writings, articles, plays, quotations etc) or a five minute talk on a chosen character.

For further information, please visit the Eventbrite page 
Tickets: £45 (includes entrees, drinks and entertainment), 
Booking required